Apr 052010


This is Lesson 2 from the Kingdom Study Series. In this lesson we focus in on the scriptures that show God’s original intent for the earth. God did not make man just to have something to do. He is a purposeful God. He does everything with a purpose in mind, with a plan, for a desired result, for a reason. We have made God’s original purpose religion. This means we have made God’s priority preaching sermons, singing songs, clapping, praying for the sick, getting people to go to church, paying tithes, giving offerings, and many many more things. But these things are not God’s priority. These are things that occur naturally when we ‘truly’ seek the kingdom. The current mission of the church are these ‘things’ instead of the kingdom. We don’t understand kingdom and so we skip it and go for the things… But without an understanding of kingdom- we do these things in vain. See in religion you give tithes (you do right?) but the offerings you say in your heart- “I’ll give more (offering is anything above the tithe) IF… If the preacher gives a good message, if we have a special guest, if they sing a song I like, if they work my emotions, if they make me cry.” We may not like to admit this, but many times it’s the truth.
But in a kingdom we give the tithes because it’s the law and we give offerings because we have come before the King. It has nothing to do with the pastor, evangelist, singer, or special guest. It’s for the King. And you would not come before a king and give him change.

Think about this… If you come before the President of the United States on his birthday, what kind of gift would you bring? You would not bring him something you bought at a dollar store. It would not matter how much you made a year, you would get whatever money you could scrape together in order to get him something that would ‘impress’ him. You would want to leave an impression in him. But with the president you would not get anything in return… (Will go here later)

So we learn in this lesson the importance of understanding that God’s Original Intent was bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. Once we understand this- the natural desire is “I have to understand this kingdom stuff”. And you do- because that’s where results manifest, that religion promises but never delivers.


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