Who We Are – Lesson 3 – Kingdom Study Series

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Apr 132010

Lesson 3 dives, just slightly, into Who We Are. Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I? – Why am I here? – Is there a reason for my existence?”

Well, there’s good news… The good news is the good news. The kingdom is the good news. God’s purpose, since the beginning, has been to establish a kingdom on earth with his children ruling under his headship. Through us God wants to impact the earth with his will. Remember the “Lord’s Prayer”?

…thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth just as it is in heaven…”

So you have a purpose, a reason to wake up excited to live! Your father is king and you are an heir. He’s just waiting for you to return to him, so you can begin to live out your purpose he predestined you for!

In this lesson we cover some of the exciting scriptures that satan does not want you to know about. Law that reveals God’s purpose for you, and can unlock your understanding that you were born to do something great! After all, you were made in his likeness and in his image… it’s time we start acting like it.


What We Lost – Lesson 1 – Kingdom Study Series

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Mar 282010

The first video lesson on the kingdom of God. In this lesson we start by laying out the framework of the bible. The bible is not a religious book; and this can be something hard to get through our head… or out of our head rather.  In order to really understand the bible we have to understand what the real message of the bible is: It’s a book about a kingdom, a king, and his royal family in the earth. When we start to understand that Jesus came to restore the authority back into man’s hands- we can move away from vain religious practice- and start living as the sons and daughters of God today. People are supposed to see us, and know what it’s like to live in the kingdom. We are a blessed people! When everyone is in recession- we’re moving higher, when everyone is struggling- we’re thriving. The kingdom is spread in the earth because people start to see it working in our lives and they want to be apart of what it is we have. Religion has attempted to do this but has failed and has only divided us. Jesus never came to bring a religion, but the kingdom of heaven.