It’s Seasonal

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May 112010

It can be easy sometimes to let the fluctuations of life’s events and circumstances determine our mood. But you need to make up your mind to stop that today. It’s your mind.

Do you know how powerful your mind is? You were made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26)

Let’s look at something interesting- Mass Hysteria. Mass Hysteria is a very interesting phenomenon. It is a display of the power of the mind. It happens when a group of people form similar symptoms of another individual because they believe it is contagious. It occurs mostly with disease or sickness but has occurred with other triggering events. There have been times when a mysterious substance has been found (chemical, or powder) and one person thought they were getting sick from it and then an entire staff was hospitalized because they all thought they had exposure to what was later found out to be non-toxic. People suffering from mass hysteria have formed all symptoms up to strange spots on their body of similar nature and even loss of consciousness. The mind is a powerful thing. You are what you believe!

What does the bible say about this?

Proverbs 23:7
“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

So if you believe you’re supposed to be poor, you will be poor. If you believe you are supposed to be an employee, you will never run a business. If you believe you are to follow, you will never be a leader. If you believe you are where you deserve, you will never have better.

If you believe how others define you, you will never discover who you are!

So as a man thinks… so he is. It’s time to change- but you first have to convince someone, yourself. You can make up your ‘mind’. You can decide to be different. You can decide to change your family tree. You can decide to do the opposite of what you normally would do. You just have to change your mind. Once you get your mind set to something, nothing can stop you. People can define you all they want to- but they will not be able to stop you from becoming who you were born to be unless you allow them to. It’s your mind, make it up. Don’t look at your surroundings, or current position in life, or on a job- that’s temporary.

I was listening to Myles Munroe speak recently about President Abraham Lincoln. Before he became president he was in an insane asylum. Who knew? The next president of the United States of America would come out of the insane asylum, and he was a good one! Paul was a murderer, David was a sheppard boy- but one would write virtually the entire new testament and the other would become king of Israel. What if they had let their positions in life define them. Joshua arose from the prisons of Egypt to become the second in command of the superpower of his day. What a difference when we don’t believe our circumstances but have a vision of something greater.

Remember your current place in life may not be what you want it to be, but it’s only seasonal. Seasons come and seasons go. Nothing stays the same. The only thing that is constant is God and His word.


In His Image – Lesson 4 – Kingdom Study Series

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Apr 222010

Who are we? Why do we exist? What is our purpose?
We have all asked ourselves these questions or something similar. Sometimes we feel like nothing. We feel like we can’t be anything because of our background, family history, or what we were born into. But that is simply not true. Our lineage goes back to the beginning of time- when we were created- man (male and female) were created. We were made with a purpose in mind. In the mind of God we were designed. He thought it good to create us in His image and in His likeness. You were made for a divine purpose. It’s time to realize who you are, where you come from, and carryout your Father’s heavenly mandate!

Apr 212010

This sounds horrible doesn’t it? …Why?

“BECAUSE YOU SHOULD NEVER QUIT!” – That’s what most say right?

Well that’s absolutely not true. The obvious thoughts about good things to quit would be to quit smoking, using drugs, drinking, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Right?

But what else? Think of one of the most valuable resources we have… “time”. You cannot get time back. You can lose money on some stupid deals, or blow it on ridiculous stuff- but you can always get more money. We sometimes become “cost conscious” but we can easily fall back into excessive spending if we are not responsible. However, we spend one of our most valuable resources so loosely. If I could sell time back to peoples lives- I would be the richest man on earth. The most wealthiest of people would give me everything they had earned in a lifetime for another year of time on their death bed. So why do we waste this valuable resource? Well I have several truths on this subject, but I’m only going to cover this one thing for now. QUIT WASTING TIME!
Life is too short to waste time. Do you realize you have something you were born to do? A true purpose in life. It’s true! God makes nothing without a purpose. But we are easily distracted. Well- it’s time to Quit! That’s right Quit!

You should quit something if it is not your calling. You should quit things that are keeping you from your purpose. You should quit things that are not profitable in your life. (This is not referring to just money)
You should quit things that are pointless.

So should you quit a job? How about a profession? How about a ministry?
Hmmmm. These can be tough questions to deal with. But the answer is within you. You have to analyze where you are in life and realize or not if you are fulfilling God’s call in your life; If you are fulfilling God’s purpose that he put in you, by bringing out the potential that is waiting to come out.

It can be hard to deal with, but think about this. What if Billy Graham had decided to be a physician instead, …or a basketball coach. I know you may be thinking… pfffttt.
It’s easy to see where someone is or what they have become but what you don’t see is all the things they went through to get there. The night’s of praying for purpose. The constant seeking for purpose. The rough roads on the way. You will never be happy unless you find and fulfill your purpose. Billy Graham may have been able to be an awesome physician or even a champion basketball coach- but look what potential he would have given up. What true purpose would have never been seen.

Oh yeah! This works both ways too. Let’s go ahead and get it out of our minds the incorrect and dangerous separation we have with people. We sometimes put people in two groups. People in ministry and everyone else. There are nurses, athletes, and artists that are fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives and successful in ministry far more than some of those that label themselves as “IN” the ministry. The thing is God doesn’t see people this way. How do I know? Well He is the creator; He designed you, molded you, and made you. He knows exactly what He put in you to come out in life. He put potential in you to be birthed for the kingdom in this world. He wants to see it come out. That’s why God is so patient with us. He wants to see you reach your full potential. He will clean you up along the way- He just wants you to turn to Him, acknowledge Him, accept Him and return back to His kingdom and He will restore you and bring you into the full glory of His nature.

The thing is God knows what he is doing. He wants what is best for us and knows what will give us joy. It’s in our purpose. He is more pleased with one of His kids who is a firefighter (because he called them to this area of occupation), then if “THEY” decided they want to be a pastor. Ouch! Does that hurt? It hurt’s if you are in something that you have no business being in. That is God did not design you for it.

What’s better? An “OK” surgeon- or an “AWESOME” family counselor. In the book 48 DAYS TO THE WORK YOU LOVE, by Dan Miller, he tells a story of a struggling pastor. After several unfulfilled years as a pastor he was struggling with where he was in life. I mean he loved the Lord, but the thing was he was never called to be a pastor. After talking with Dan Miller they discovered he was an artist and had a ‘passion’ for it. The man went on to paint in people’s homes some of the most beautiful artwork, borders, and amazing pieces you’ve ever seen. He makes a ton of money, does what he loves to do, and has touched more people’s lives with his ministry now then ever before. This has become a gateway into people’s hearts. They have him come in and do his work, which he loves to do, and it opens up communication with this individual that he may have never had the chance to deliver had he been behind the pulpit. What is your calling? passion? purpose? If you don’t know- you need to find it!

That is when it is GREAT to quit! Make a commitment to quit doing things that lead to dead ends. Quit doing things that are not what God made you for. Quit strategies that are not working. Quit doing the things you were not called to do. I want to fulfill purpose in my life. I want to fulfill the things that I was born to do. I don’t ever want to be caught in the cycle of the daily grind that I cannot fulfill my work. I refuse to do it. I’m too busy about kingdom business to be bothered. See, you may not be in your final place of employment, but it’s just your current assignment. There is a reason God has you there. Something you are there to do. So be an example for the kingdom while you are there- and fulfill your duties and be about your work. But if you are in a position that has no purpose, no growth, no potential… If you are in a position at an assignment that ended years ago- You are wasting valuable precious time. It’s time to realize how important you are, and how much more needs to come out of you and “Quit” wasting time!

If you don’t chase after what you love to do- you will always have a JOB- but you will have never found your WORK… and you will leave this world with something that God put you here for. The bible says before you were formed in the belly He knew you. Who better to bring out your potential, then the creator.


Who We Are – Lesson 3 – Kingdom Study Series

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Apr 132010

Lesson 3 dives, just slightly, into Who We Are. Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I? – Why am I here? – Is there a reason for my existence?”

Well, there’s good news… The good news is the good news. The kingdom is the good news. God’s purpose, since the beginning, has been to establish a kingdom on earth with his children ruling under his headship. Through us God wants to impact the earth with his will. Remember the “Lord’s Prayer”?

…thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth just as it is in heaven…”

So you have a purpose, a reason to wake up excited to live! Your father is king and you are an heir. He’s just waiting for you to return to him, so you can begin to live out your purpose he predestined you for!

In this lesson we cover some of the exciting scriptures that satan does not want you to know about. Law that reveals God’s purpose for you, and can unlock your understanding that you were born to do something great! After all, you were made in his likeness and in his image… it’s time we start acting like it.