Where Are You Going

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Jun 112010

Many will read this title and think they know what this post is about- but most will be wrong. The question I ask is not about Heaven or Hell but about Heaven or Earth?

So where are you going? I think I need to clarify this question some more. I ask this question in the sense as when you get ready and head for the door and your wife, husband or family member asks “Where are you going?” This question implies ‘You know you belong here so why are you trying to leave here?’

Christianity has become a “Ready to Leave” mindset- so I ask again “Where are you going?”

Actually this does not only apply to Christianity but to many other religions. The Muslims who sacrificed their lives on 9/11 did it because they thought they would leave earth and go to heaven. Many Christians believe they get saved so that when they die they can leave earth and go to heaven.

The bible consistently points to God’s purpose in placing humans on earth in order to impact earth with the culture of the country of heaven until earth becomes just like heaven. Is this false doctrine? Look what Jesus taught the disciples when He was asked how to pray.

So if God is so purposed in putting us on earth- why are we trying to leave so bad? Why did He not keep us in heaven to begin with since we came out of God. (John 1) If that’s, where most believe, our ultimate goal is?

Why did David say “the heavens are the Lord’s but the earth He has given unto man”?
Why did Daniel see in the end times the Saints with a kingdom where they would rule forever?
Why did Jesus pray to the Father about the disciples “Do not take them out of the world but leave them in the world”?
Why does the New Jerusalem city come ‘down’ from heaven to earth?
Why do the meek inherit the earth… and not heaven?
Why if God wants us in heaven so bad does He make a new earth?

Religion makes us lazy cowards and that’s not a kingdom mentality. God put us here for a reason. He heals your body naturally and supernaturally because He so committed to His purpose. He HAS to have you on earth in order to use you- so maybe the question should be-

Why do you not want to be used?

We pray “God use me!” then we say “Lord, hurry and come and take me to heaven.” How confusing is this- God’s thinking ‘Well which is it!?! Do you want to be used or leave earth?’

Study God’s word. Does your prayers and beliefs line up with the kingdom of God?


Kingdom Come – Lesson 6 – Kingdom Study Series

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May 312010

In this lesson we study when the bible says the kingdom will come. Is the kingdom now? Where is the kingdom? We also take a look at the prodigal son parable. Who are you? Are you the prodigal son who has returned and received gladly what your father has given you? Or are you the religious elder son who has been saved a long time but never takes on the purpose your father meant for you to have?