Jul 022010

This is very important.

Make sure you understand this and remind yourself of it at all times.

You’re in a kingdom… God’s kingdom… that is, if the Spirit of God is inside you.

If you’re an American, Cuban law does not apply to you, while you’re in America.
If you’re Japanese, Russian law does not apply to you, while you’re in Japan.
If you’re a Dominican, Haitian law does not apply to you, while you’re in Dominican Republic.

When you’re in America you don’t even think about the consequences of North Korean law do you? No, because you’re in America.

Now if you are a diplomat from your country, say an Ambassador- you represent your home country. So when you travel to another country, you can not be prosecuted or charged according to their law because you have “diplomatic immunity”.

We are Ambassadors for Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:20. Therefore we being “in the world are not of the world” and are not subject to the normal law that can come against us while here because of our diplomatic immunity. (Romans 8:33)

This can be be laws of sickness, disease, disability or disadvantage. Many people get these and think they have to deal with it. This is confirmed by a doctor. You can believe that, or you can choose to believe and remind the affliction that you’re under a different law.

The world may say, you have to put in lots of time and follow the corporate ladder to get to the top. You can believe that, or you can choose to believe your countries laws. Speak to the job situation and say “If God can bring a man out of prison to be the 2nd highest power in all the land in one day, He can do it for me too.” Then pray, believe God, and do your work.

We have to remind our self of God’s word. Remember it is the standing truth that everything measures up to. You don’t have to fight for it, you don’t have to force it… it just “is”. His word determines outcomes and judgment. His word determines everything.

We have to remind our self of who we are with God and what kingdom we are from. Remind our self of what benefits and law God has given us then live under that. It is so easy to get preoccupied with life’s tragic events. We can feel injustice sometimes, but remember to behave your self wisely and stay in alignment with His word. Sometimes we pray for a situation and it doesn’t turn out immediately the way we want it to and so we try to push it, force it. Not because of rights, but because of anger. This cannot be- we must remove our self from the current status of the situation. This is why- If we are His and we are in His kingdom, then everything is going to be alright… right? But sometimes we let the enemy snare us into living under the world’s laws- and that’s where satan has power. Not in those that live in the world, but those that “believe” they are under the power of this world’s laws. It’s mentality. If you “believe” something, that’s what it is to you. So if what you’re believing is not of the kingdom- repent (change) your mind, your thinking. Don’t be entangled with the affairs of this world.

Remember that nothing can stand against God’s kingdom, nor you… if you’re in His kingdom.


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