One Blood Come Together

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Jul 082016

We need to come together. Not for any other reason than because we’re all one blood. We came from the same source, God in Heaven; all were created by Him and without was not anything made that was made. We need His Kingdom Come now on Earth, just as it is in Heaven. Stand against injustice, stand against murder, stand for righteousness, stand for what is right in God’s eyes not our own. Praying this morning for those families who have lost loved ones on the police force in Dallas, praying for those families who have lost loved ones where sentencing was carried out on the sidewalks and on the streets, praying for those who truly protest in peace and for the right reasons, praying for those officers who truly work to serve and protect all across this nation, praying for strength for the pastors of this nation who will be asked to help so many navigate through such tumultuous times, praying against the politicizing of these events, praying against racism which is fueled purely by ignorance of each other and by the wicked one himself who is the prince of all ignorance, and praying we can turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, the King, and rely on Him to bring us together. All things were created by Him and for Him. May we come together as one in the name of the Lord Jesus and build together, love together, comfort together, grow together, and all be together.


A Letter to Kingdom Citizens

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Jun 262015

Earlier today the Supreme Court delivered a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. This is a historic ruling for the United States and one that fuels a lot of feelings on all sides of this issue. There are a lot of questions that people of faith are having right now because of this ruling so I felt compelled to address a message to the citizens of God’s kingdom.

Who is a citizen?

First, let’s address the subject of the qualifications to be a citizen in the kingdom of God. To be a citizen you have to be saved; born again. This has nothing to do with church membership. Salvation happens when a person repents. The word, repent, means to change the way you think and to accept God’s word as the truth and Him as your Lord. In doing so you’re asking God to forgive you of your sins and you’re admitting that you have violated what you know to be His laws and you’re making a confession to accept His mercy and change. The word Lord actually means owner, or master. So if Jesus truly owns you, you’re no longer your own but you belong to Him which means you will obey Him. There are many religions and many churches who claim to be affiliated with Jesus but you will know them by their fruit. None of us are perfect, but if you’re truly His, you’re going to do your best to obey Him and follow His word… even if it offends other people.

How does this ruling affect the kingdom of Heaven?

Nations are facing terrorism, economic crisis, civil unrest, starvation, and a plethora of other problems. The kingdom of Heaven has none of these problems and will never have to worry about such threats; that’s why God wants to impact earth with His government. His government functions perfectly.

How does this ruling affect God’s citizens on earth?

That’s what is so wonderful about God’s kingdom; even in the midst of a foreign land He still has jurisdiction over His people. This ruling has no effect on God’s people or His kingdom- it’s just another beautiful day in His kingdom. God is still King and He is still on the throne.

Ask yourself this:

Is drunkenness a sin? Yes.
Is telling a lie a sin? Yes.
Is committing adultery a sin? Yes.
Is having sex outside of a marriage a sin? Yes.

We have all of these acts of sin taking place in the United States every day yet God’s people are still fine amongst it all. God’s kingdom doesn’t change because of what a nation in the earth makes a ruling on; God is consistent always. This ruling has no bearing on God’s kingdom- His kingdom still reigns and He is still on the throne today as He was yesterday. If someone is a drunk and they come to Jesus they have to leave their ways behind and accept His ways. It doesn’t matter if they are over the age of 21; it doesn’t matter if it is legal on the earth. In God’s kingdom it is illegal.

Ephesians 5: 18 (KJV)
18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

In God’s kingdom you obey the King, regardless of the laws of the nation where you currently preside. Just because it is now legal in the United States to marry a same sex individual, it doesn’t change God’s law. Just as with a drunk, if someone comes to Jesus and submits to Him they are submitting to His authority and agreeing to follow His laws. If someone is a drunk they give up their way and follow Jesus. If someone is a kleptomaniac they give up stealing and follow Jesus. If someone identifies as gay, they acknowledge that in God’s kingdom this is illegal and they no longer deem it acceptable and they turn and follow Jesus (Romans 1). People who are in adultery may have a hard time letting go of that relationship, but they understand that to be His they have to. People who used to drink may still love the taste and feeling from being inebriated, but they understand in God’s kingdom it is illegal so they give it up. Someone who identifies as a homosexual may have a hard time facing the changes that God’s word demands, but they understand in His kingdom it is unacceptable and they follow Jesus. Nothing has changed.

There is a man in the United States that said he would light himself on fire if this ruling happened… listen, this is ridiculous. If he is going to light his body on fire because the Supreme Court has ruled it legal and constitutional to disobey God, why doesn’t he also do it because they allow drunkenness to be legal, or marijuana to be legal. You cannot force people to do what you want; even God Himself doesn’t do that. Stand for the truth, preach the truth, and let people make their decision. Show them love no matter what they decide in hopes that they will listen and their hearts be changed. We’re not the Holy Ghost, so let the Holy Ghost do His job and we do ours.

Let me take a step back and make a note of something. Earlier I stated “We have all of these acts of sin taking place in the United States every day yet God’s people are still fine amongst it all.” I know the thought will come to someone’s mind “Some of God’s people are committing these very sins.” You are absolutely right. The difference is whether they are working on changing their ways. When a citizen sins they must acknowledge that they are wrong, not deem their behavior as acceptable. They must repent, and ask God to help them to change. When a religious person sins they unremorsefully say “It’s OK I’ll just ask God to forgive me like I always do.” As true citizens of God we should be becoming more like Jesus in our culture.

How does this ruling affect our nation?

This is a good question and the one that is important to ask. This ruling does have an effect on the nation. What is that effect? At this moment I do not know. But here is what I do know.

Psalm 33: 12 (KJV)
12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

When a nation makes God their Lord- remember what Lord means?- they are blessed. As a nation we face a lot of crisis and problems that are a result of disobedience. Overtime we have grown accustomed to those consequences even though they may have a significant impact on our nation. There is an effect on a nation who makes a ruling to accept something that God says is illegal. God doesn’t necessarily relinquish punishment and retribution on the people of earth, but because His word is law, and the bible says what it does in Psalm 33: 12, there is an automatic effect that takes place as God has to release His hand from a part of the nation. God has always wanted us to obey Him with our own free will. If the nation decides to disobey Him or go against Him, He allows them to. Remember Samuel when the nation of Israel rejected God as their King?

But remember citizens of God, God is able to keep you safe and even bless you right in the midst of a nation that turns against Him; He’s done it before. Let’s also remember that at one time we were also lost in sin and continue to pray for our lost brothers and sisters that they will turn to God. Regardless of their sin, God loves them and wants them to return to Him just as He wanted you and me to at one time in our very recent past.

Don’t be discouraged. Everything that is happening must come to pass according to scripture. Continue to pray, continue to lead, and continue to follow the Lord. You were a citizen of His kingdom yesterday and you still are today. God’s plan hasn’t changed- He is still working in the earth through you, His ambassadors.