Dominican Republic January 2011

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Jun 062011

In January 2011 we went to Dominican Republic to do mission work. Our focus this trip was on a small area known as “Little River”. We were able to feed almost 200 families and make a difference in many lives. Most importantly the gospel of the Kingdom was preached!


January 27 2011

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Jan 272011

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to those who contributed to our mission work in Dominican Republic this year. I am working on a special project to send out to our partners very soon.

We seen God move and change lives. Liberty Ministries Church International and By Every Word went to Dominican Republic on the 17th of January 2011. We were there for 7 days to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Liberty Ministries will be there until January 28th- so continue to remember them in prayer.

I will wait to report on the numbers until after the remainder of the group has returned, but I will tell you the Kingdom of Heaven is impacting the island and we praise God for it! I will have lots of video and testimonies online soon.

-For The Kingdom